Three Ways You Can Make Your Gazebo More Festive

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With less than a week until Christmas, time is running out to get your house looking ship shape for Santa Claus’s arrival. Luckily, there are some quick, simple things homeowners can do with their outside gazebos to make them look like they’re brimming with holiday spirit. Here are just a few ideas to help.

Make a Scene.

One of the cleverest things people can do to make their gazebos look more festive is to build a little, holiday dioarama there. What better place could there be to make a Nativity scene? If that’s not really your style, you could perhaps arrange mannequins, scarecrows, or cardboard cutouts together to make them look like they’re caroling. It doesn’t matter what’s set up there, because it’ll look great. Outdoor gazebos are, after all, excellent little stages.

Find the Perfect Rental Home

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Finding the one out of a thousand rental homes is like searching for a piece of straw in a haystack. You’ll wade through hundreds in a week of searching, and be completely unable to find what you’re looking for. Your home should be yours, and it’s important to find one that will fit all of your needs.

Finding homes for rent locally can be just as difficult as searching across country, depending on the location. A small town might not have effective advertising, whereas a city might have too many options and no way to sort them. Finding the rental homes that fit your family’s needs and personality should be a process that intrigues and excites you, not

7 Tips for Installing Holiday Lights

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The holiday season is upon us, and one of the best ways to celebrate is by decorating your house with beautiful bright lights that add a unique touch to your home. There are lots of options for decorating the exterior of your home with holiday lights — consider having an elaborate display in your front yard, light up some trees with flashing colors, or place a motion sensor santa by your front door. Perhaps the most difficult, yet also the most rewarding way to to decorate your home for the holiday season is by installing light up winter characters (think santa, his sleigh and all of the reindeer) on the roof.

If you decide you’re interested in roof decorations this winter, make sure you’re prepared to undertake a very involved task. There are lots of safety issues, and you should check w