Get Crazy with Your Backsplash Designs

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    Ceramic tile that looks like wood

    Regardless of whether you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, the return on investment is significant. They are the two most remodeled rooms in the home, and there are the rooms that have the biggest impact on the sale of a house.

    One area that gets a lot of attention is the backsplash. Again, it doesn’t matter if you are remodeling the bathroom of the kitchen, the backsplash in either room is an inviting opportunity to make a statement.

    There are a lot of things you can do on your own to create a beautiful, colorful backsplash that will be the envy of all your friends. One option is a mosaic tile patterns. If you think that mosaic pat

    Want to Save On Air Conditioning Costs This Summer?

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    Duluth mn contractors

    The hottest days of summer will certainly make you appreciate your air conditioner. About 2/3 of the population have air conditioning in their homes. The remaining 1/3 has either a swamp cooler, or makes do with a combination of fans and sweating.

    Summer is associated with coming inside to cool off, it’s true. A big concern with running the air conditioner in the summer is the utility bill. With proper maintenance and a little planning, you can lower your utility bill with minimal fuss.

    Before we get started on how your air conditioner costs can be cut down, just know the an old water heater can keep utility costs high. Some estimate that an inefficient water heater can account f

    Revitalizing Your Landscape Design? Here Are a Few Tips

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    Soil for gardening

    Whether you’re landscaping your home for sale or to enjoy for decades to come, chances are that you still keep an eye on its market value. Were you aware that when you spend just 5% of your house’s overall value on landscaping, that it can bring you up to a 150% return on your investment? Furthermore, it can also increase your home’s resale value by 14%. All this does depend, of course, on the types of updates and enhancements that you make. Curb appeal is, as you may be aware, a major contributing factor to a realtor and buyer’s first impression.

    Do you take care of your own landscaping, or do you have a service assist you from time-to-time? While you may have had a landscape designer initially create your raised beds, patios, and other outdoor living areas, gardening may be at the top of the list fo

    The Decorative Advantages of an Oval Spiral Duct

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    Perforated spiral duct

    Perforated spiral ducts are showing up more and more as both a practical and yet decorative ventilation option. The interior design trend of open plans that emphasize an “unfinished” look allows oval ductwork to add to the room’s ambience. But perforated spiral ducts are not just for looks. Oval spiral ducts actually provide a few key advantages over other forms of duct fabrication options.

    For years, rectangular ducts of all sizes were all that was used for HVAC in both residential homes and commercial buildings. Flash forward to today, and many builders are finding that perforated spinal ducts have some clear advantages over their rectangular counterparts. These differences are not simply visual appeal, but practical application.

    First, consider basic geometry: a square has a larger surface ar