Are You Preparing for a Major Kitchen Remodel in Your Home?

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    Italian kitchen cabinets

    Neighborhood Website Post Number One. We are looking to update our master bathroom, including the shower. The job will require having the contractor remove the old white shower and sliding doors and put in something more modern. We are thinking of installing sort of tile. Does anyone have any recommendations?
    Neighborhood Website Post Number Two. We are looking for someone who can replace our kitchen faucet. We initially thought we could do it ourselves, but we are not able to locate a shut off valve. My husband received some information that indicated that he should be able to find a primary shutoff. If there is one, we thought it would be located outside of the house, behind underneath a metal plate, and somewhere close to the house. We knew that this outdoor v

    Common plumbing problems and how to fix them

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    Kitchen sink plumbing

    Home is the center of life and family. In many ways, taking care of the home is like taking care of a body. The interior has to be carefully maintained lest the parts fall into disorder. Among the most common problems in the interior of any home come with the plumbing and the heating which can easily break if they aren’t given proper care. A clogged drain, a water heater leak, slow drainage, all sorts of subtle problems crop up with an alarming amount of regularity. Giving the proper amount of attention to these problems, however, can save a surprising amount of money. Just fixing water leaks in and around the household can reduce spending on water and utility bills. Install

    Are You a Fan of Creating Music?

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    Acoustic ceiling panels

    Your 22-year old son is a singer, songwriter, and musician, and his band has been lining up quite a few shows lately. Some are scheduled for Nashville and they have a big one in Dallas this summer. You often find yourself clicking on the link to his website and following his social media posts in an attempt to keep up with what he is doing!
    When you first signed your young son up for drum lessons you had no real idea of what you were getting yourself into. If someone would have told you that years later you would be talking about the selection of acoustic ceiling materials and soundproof wall panels you would have been surprised.
    What started as a whim, has turned into a lifelong love for music, especially anything to do with percussion instruments. After making some minor sound modifications

    Why Your Naturally Healthy Lawn Could Be the Start of Saving the Planet

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    Organic lawn care palatine

    Everyone loves a good looking, green, naturally healthy lawn. You could have the biggest, most ornate house on the block, but if your lawn is lacking, the whole aesthetic is thrown off. But it goes beyond the look, of course. A naturally healthy lawn is a sign that this particular corner of the planet is doing well. Not because anything is genetically modified or sprayed down with pesticides, but because people are taking the time to let nature thrive.

    Finding good lawn care services

    Organic lawn care
    is becoming increasingly more important as time goes on. W