5 Ways to Care for Strand Bamboo Flooring

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    Solid strand bamboo flooring installation

    Homeowners have a lot of options when it comes to the flooring they choose from their home. One option is strand bamboo flooring. It has a look that is very similar to hardwood floors but it is harder than some varieties of hardwood. It is made with bamboo fibers. Manufacturers will take the fibers and soften them. They are then separated and combined to make planks of the material. These planks are then sanded. They are finished with an aluminum oxide material. This adds to their resiliency. Many people opt for this kind of flooring both for its beauty and it is considered to be very eco friendly.

    Like other parts of a home, the flooring is an investment. Homeowners with strand bamboo flooring should do what they can to maintain their floors and protect that investment. It

    Some Things to Consider for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Project

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    Faucet repair

    When you go home at the end of a long day, you want to be going home to the place that you are most comfortable. There is nothing worse than going home just to realize that something is not in working order or that there is some new emergency that must be dealt with before you can get a chance to relax. It is a good idea to go through regularly scheduled maintenance checks to ensure that all of the systems within your home are operating optimally.

    And there may just come a time when you will need or want to completely tear things down and start from square one. While this can be an arduous task, there can also be quite a bit to enjoy and appreciate about the process, and certainly in admiring the finished product. If you are considering something like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, there is

    Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space with LED Lighting

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    Exterior lighting

    How many hours do you currently spend in your backyard every week? If you’re planning to upgrade this area, then you may be interested to know that over half of the homeowners planning to upgrade their yards spend six hours or longer in their outdoor living spaces

    Many homeowners are planning to add landscaping to their list of home improvements that they want to make. A recent survey showed that 64% of homeowners are planning to do this in the near future or are currently having their outdoor areas professionally landscaped.

    Like other homeowners, it’s likely that you would love to spend more time just relaxing, gardening, and entertaining outside. In order to enjoy being outside after dark even more, have you considered investing in outdoor lighting?

    While candlelight creates a certain am

    Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance Tips

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    Wholesale stone supplier in manassas

    To get the most out of your outdoor fireplace and grills, it is important to make sure that they are well-maintained. Accidents and fires can occur when parts are defective and simple wear and tear can severely shorten the life of your fireplace and other hardscaping features. While hiring a professional is recommended for certain types of hardscaping and landscaping maintenance, there are a few tasks you can do on your own. Here are a few outdoor fireplace maintenance tips to consider.

    Wood-burning Fireplaces

    • Keep foliage in the general vicinity trimmed and cut back. Overgrowth is a fire hazard.
    • Always sweep debris and ashes out of