What to Ask When Interviewing a Commercial Roofing Company

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    Roofing companies in michigan

    Having to put a new roof on your business is a pretty big investment, and there are a number of decisions you’re going to have to make about the style, the material, and the color. The most important decision you’re going to have to make is which commercial roofing contractors to hire. An important part of the hiring process is the interview. Which questions you ask will be largely up to you, but don’t let the interview end without asking these.

    1. Can you give me any references?
    One thing you should definitely ask a commercial roofing company during the interview is if they can give you any references. If you can, try to get at least three so that you get a good

    Choosing Your Solar Panel Racking and Mount Carefully

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    Installing solar panels

    In recent years, the push for clean energy has become the center of many discussions, especially with growing concern over the supply of fossil fuels and scientists’ warnings about global warming. Between 2008 and 2011, the installed capacity for solar photovoltaic power grew exponentially by 147.3%. One option that has become increasingly popular (other than wind power) is the use of solar power. The sun is a natural resource and limitless in its ability to produce the needed energy to power solar electricity, among other things. Indeed, the solar industry will probably finish its one millionth installation in 2015.
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    Three Things to Check Before Hiring an Industrial Painting Contractor

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    Painting delaware

    When it comes to doing an industrial paint job, it’s generally on too large a scale for a business owner to take care of herself. Hiring industrial painting contractors for the job is a pretty easy choice to make, but finding the right one can seem daunting and like a struggle. Since it’s such a large scale project and hiring the wrong company can be a costly mistake, here are three things a business owner absolutely needs to look at before hiring commercial painters.

    1. Qualificati