Do You Own Rental Property? Here’s How to Select the Right Residential Windows and Doors

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    Residential windows

    Landlords and property managers have several responsibilities when it comes to providing a suitable environment for their tenants. Completing repairs in a timely manner, responding to emergencies, and making sure buildings are up to code are just a few of the necessities in apartment buildings or townhouses. However, if you are in charge of renting out a residential property, then you might be overlooking one very important aspect of that building: the windows and doors.

    In order to keep tenants safe and maintain your property, you may want to consider upgrading your residential windows and doors. Not only can this improve the look of your building, but it can also deliver other advantages to those who have chosen to re

    Three Ways Those Basement Cracks and Leaks Are More Dangerous Than You Think

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    Basement leaks when it rains

    So you’ve noticed the occasional water leak or puddle in your home’s basement, or that your basement leaks when it rains. These leaks are nothing to worry about, right?

    Unfortunately, millions of homeowners think this — and couldn’t be wrong. Even the most seemingly minor basement cracks and leaks could be causing significant damage within your home that threatens you and the rest of your family.

    Could those pesky basement water leaks be posing a greater threat to your health and safety than you think? Here are the three biggest hidden dangers of basement cracks and leaks that every homeowner ought to know about:

    Basement leaks can ruin your bel

    Carpet Installation Questions

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    Floor options

    Carpeting a house is a daunting task, and many homeowners opt to have their carpeting professionally installed. Professional carpet installation makes the purchase process easier, as the homeowner will not have to invest in a power stretcher or other installation equipment. Of course, there are several important carpet installation questions to ask when purchasing the carpet.

    One of the most important questions to ask at the carpet stores is whether or not the prices of installation, old carpet removal, and carpet padding are included in the price of the carpet. While this is usually the case, there are exceptions, and you will want to know right away what products a