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Help! The Air Conditioner Went Out

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Your AC service provides more than just a cooler temperature in the house, it can help improve the air quality that impacts those with asthma or respiratory conditions. It used to be that only a select few in 1932 could afford to install a newly developed window unit air conditioner, but there were over a million sold annually by 1953. These days, you are more likely to have central air conditioning systems throughout the whole home. In fact, what was once seen as a luxury has pretty much become a standard offering in homes.

With the demand for HVAC services
, we also see an increasing need for residential HVAC service and repair. It takes a fairly complex system to keep your home regulated to the right

10 Decisions You Need to Make Before Installing a Deck or Porch

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Installing a deck or porch is one of the best ways to increase your enjoyment of your home. The process of building one, however, is fraught with important decisions and considerations that will forever affect the way your outdoor structure compliments your home. To help you through the difficult planning process, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most important decisions you need to make before installing a deck or porch.

  1. What will you use it for? This is the first question you should answer, since it will determine where your porch will be located, whether it will be attached, and what amenities it needs.
  2. How high off the ground should it be? If it’s too difficult for you to move between your porch and the area it’s intended to work with, you’ll probably re