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    Tips on Home Window Installation

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    Milgard windows portland oregon

    If you’re doing some remodeling where you live, you should learn how to choose the right windows for your home before making any big decisions. It’s best to choose the right option in the beginning so you can avoid window replacement costs in the future. It usually takes between three and five days to install new windows in your home, so be prepared by having somewhere to stay during this time. Window installation can be exciting because you get to add a new person

    How Solar Panels Turn Sunlight Into Energy

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    Residential solar systems

    For years the world has relied on fossil fuels to provide energy, but as the negative effects of burning fossil fuels become more apparent all around us, more and more people are calling for change. Instead of fossil fuels, which can’t be reused and release dangerous gases into the atmosphere, people around the world want a clean and renewable energy source. Solar energy has largely been an answer to these calls for change, providing countless rooftops with commercial and residential solar panels. Solar energy is a cleaner, more responsible choice for the environment and our wallets, producing no waste and saving loads on energy bills each month. While many people are aware of the man

    7 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Home When Hiring a Handyman

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    Types of roofs

    Some home building or repair tasks, such as putting on an addition or installing a new roof, take specialized contractors. But there are many others that are less demanding — and yet still out of most homeowners’ comfort zones. In these cases, handyman repair services are often the best option. What is a handyman? This is an experienced person (man or woman, despite the common term) who can help you with tasks such as laying tile, doing simple roofing repairs, fixing leaky plumbing, or even hanging paintings and drapes in hard-to-reach spots. He or she is