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    The Simple Secret That Makes Hurricane Home Preparation That Much Easier

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    Preparing home for hurricane

    This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is calling for a fairly mild hurricane season, however, that doesn’t mean preparing your home for a hurricane shouldn’t be your top priority. In fact, preparing for hurricane season, regardless of how mild reports may predict it to be, should always be a priority for homeowners living in areas prone to hurricane damage.

    Hurricane home preparation may seem like an arduous, daunting task — and it can be — however, when broken down step by step, it’s far more manageable and easy to accomplish. The key to preparation

    We Are Not Ashamed The Integrity In Keeping Pests Under Control

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    Rodent control equipment

    We know how much you dread the moment you see that shadow out of the corner of your eye. When you look, it’s gone but you could have sworn something moved. Shortly after, you finally see the little critter in all its glory. Then, after screaming, sweating a little, and sometimes jumping onto a higher surface, you head straight to the phone to call general household pest control. Every season brings a new kind of creepy crawly and believe it or not, you don’t get rid of them just because you don’t want them crawling on your face while you sleep.

    Here are some other reasons household pest control methods are a necessary evil:

    It’s a number’s game. Scientis

    How to Clean Smoke Damage from Your Home

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    Flood water damage

    House fires are still a major threat to society because many home owners do not take precautions when it comes to trying to prevent these occurrences. Homes may not be upgraded with the latest heating systems, or they could have faulty electrical circuits. It is these unnoticed mistakes that lead to house fires. In 2013, there were an estimated 369,500 home fires. And with the flames comes house fire damage.

    Fire damages can be very expensive for the home owner. In fact, damage from fire caused $9.5 billion in property costs in 2013 alone. The most recent years have seen similar numbers. Yet on