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    Why Should I Install Solar Power in My Home?

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    Building energy code missouri

    If you’ve been keeping up with the news, then you probably know all about the hubbub around solar power. Solar power cost brackets are extremely low, the energy is renewable and abundant, and it will help to reduce a lot of our already expansive planetary pollution. So here are some questions you should ask when you decide to get solar panels installed on your home, that will hopefully bring to light solar power myths:

    Does my solar power work if the power goes out? – It doesn’t. When a grid system goes out, it would be dangerous to continue to flow energy current through the wires, just in case someone is fixing them. It would be beneficial to you to invest in a generator if you’re l

    Finding a Good Real Estate Agent Shouldn’t Be so Hard

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    How to find good real estate agent

    Embarking on a new real estate endeavor is exciting. Whether you’re buying, selling, or looking to rent, real estate can mark a new chapter of your life, whether living wise or financially.
    But the big question is: can I do it alone, or do I need a real estate agent? While it may seem like a good idea to go about your endeavor alone, statistics say otherwise. Last year alone, almost 90% of individuals bought their home using a real estate broker, and 98% of buyers said that their real estate agent was extremely valuable during their home buying process. With numbers like that, who wants to go without?
    But with over 2 million licensed real estate agents located in the U.S. today, Continue Reading No Comments

    To Tile Or Not To Tile? DIY Projects That You Can Do in a Weekend

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    Bathtub refinishing service atlanta

    Believe it or not, replacing a bathtub is a project that can be accomplished alone or with a small team. Over the years, any bathroom surface is vulnerable to erosion: chemicals, daily use, and simple wear and tear on the surfaces involved make tub refinishing or new tub installation a high-priority goal for many homeowners.
    When the focus is on family health, the bathroom is the first place to look for possible mold or germ collection. Even a great-looking bathtub has cracks, invisible to the naked eye, that can easily become a breeding ground for unsavory guests like bacteria, viruses and germs. The cost of bathtub refinishing can add value to a home and can also be cheaper than replacing a bathtub.