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    How You Can Prepare for Winter Now

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    Generator repairs willmington As summer closes and we move into fall, there are things you need to do in your home to prepare for the winter months. There are likely multiple things that you’re focused on, but there are three very big ones that are huge to remember in preparation for the chill. Read on for what you need to be doing!

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    This is huge for the end of summer because it will affect how next summer goes for you. About 7,400 house fires can be blamed on air conditioning, and by simply taking care of it at the end of summer, you save yourself a headache next June. Keep in mind that central air conditioners are designed to have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years, so if your unit is older, yo

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    Storm Watch Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

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    Storm protection

    When a storm is announced, there is not much time to waste. Hurricanes bring deadly winds and heavy rain, which can severely damage you or your property. You may be wondering: how do I prepare for a hurricane? There are three places that need to be secured to minimize the damage; the outside of your home, your garage, and the inside of your home. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for a hurricane.

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    Anything that is outside when the storm hits will most likely to end up flying in the air if it?s not properly chained down. Move any lawn furniture into the house of garage, along with any potted plants, tools, toys, or dec