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Three Tricks Santa Uses to Get Into Your Home Without a Fireplace

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Up on the housetop reindeer pause,
Out jumps Good Old Santa Clause
Down through the chimney with lots of toys
All for the little ones, Christmas joys

But wait. How in the world does Santa go down through the chimney with lots of toys for the 59.97% of homes that don’t have fireplaces? Most of Santa’s story seems feasible. It’s entirely believable that one human can fit gifts for every boy and girl in the world into his compact car-sized sleigh. I buy that he has flying mammals that get him from the North Pole, smack in the middle of the uninhabited Arctic ocean, to every home on the globe in one night, despite the ridiculous cost of traveling on a holiday. But getting into homes that don’t have fireplaces? Malarkey.

We asked some of the most knowledgable elves we know f

Lawn Care Today The Real Costs and Values of Better Lawn Maintenance

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When it comes to maintaining the value and comfort of your whole home, there are plenty of ways to keep the interior of your home looking great; many homeowners don’t realize, though, that lawn maintenance is just as important! Practicing good lawn care can add up to 28% of your home’s value over time, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the time that you’ll spend enjoying your own yard.

The cost-benefit analysis of lawn care services goes beyond the long-term ROI, however. So what exactly is the true cost of lawn maintenance, compared with the value returned to you? Take a quick look at the statistics below and you’ll get an idea:

  • According to data from the Lawn Institute, Ameri

3 Tips to Keep Carpet Looking Beautiful

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Bathroom carpeting ideas

Many people love how easy it is to keep tile and laminate flooring clean, but who can resist the warm fuzzy feeling under your feet that carpet provides? Tile and laminate flooring can get gruesomely cold during the winter making them almost unbearable to walk on. Having carpet in the bedroom, instead of tile or laminate, is preferred by approximately 44% of homeowners. Carpet is a great investment for those considering different flooring options for their house.

Carpet flooring may be warmer than tile or laminate, but there are also some minor drawbacks. Carpet flooring is not as easy to clean as the other options. Extra care must be taken to keep caret loo