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Looking to Lower Your Utility Bills? Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances!

Written by Dave on . Posted in Duluth construction, Heating boiler, Replacement of water and sewer lines

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Are you looking to lower your utility bill? Fortunately, there are many ways to lower a utility bill. From plumbing, heating, and running an air conditioning unit, there are cost saving moves that home and business owners can make to help save money.

Take water heaters, for instant. Heating water makes up for about 30% of a home’s annual energy budget. The older a water heater gets, the less efficient it gets, meaning that energy costs related to the water heater will increase. There are ways to prevent and increase in price, though. Regular maintenance is a must, as it will let you know if the water heater is getting too old or inefficient. Homeowners can also Continue Reading No Comments