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FRP Composite Manhole Covers are Lightweight and Durable

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Manhole cover

For inanimate, tough objects, manhole covers seem to find themselves in a lot of trouble. Or trouble finds them. They can explode, be stolen, or just weigh as much as 500 pounds, which makes moving them for repairs a project in itself. Manhole covers have been around since the time of the Roman Empire, but they are still a work in progress. Current designs for manhole covers are focussed on using lightweight, composite materials that are strong enough to take the stresses demanded by the rough job.
Throughout the year, summer and winter, different types of pressures and stresses create dangerous conditions underground. Smoking manhole covers are a common sight in urban areas, but it’s when they begin sp

Trenchless Sewer Repair for Dummies

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Sewer repair

Our sewer pipes run below the surface, and because of this, many homeowners tend to forget that they require maintenance just like other utility systems in the home. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes an emergency to make a homeowner aware of their sewer’s maintenance needs. At that point, it becomes a costly and inconvenient endeavor, requiring sewer system repair or replacement. But luckily, trenchless technology helps to repair sewer systems easily and effectively.

Trenchless what? I’m sorry, can you repeat that?
Yep, trenchless sewer repair. While it may still be a foreign concept to most homeowners, trenchless technology is becoming an increasingly common and popular way to repair sewage systems. This method only came to the residential scene 10 to 15 years ago, but has since become

You Need Peace of Mind and Dry Floors! Hire a Plumber!

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Plumbing waynesboro va

One of your most important assets is your home. You want to protect it. You want it to operate smoothly with no emergencies. You don?t want to have homeowner insurance claims. You want good resale value for the time when you no longer want to own your current home. You want to be comfortable in your home, with efficiently operating electricity, heating, cooling and plumbing.

Everyone needs a plumber sometime. In order to use and maintain your home, you need everything relating to water and plumbing to be in top operating order. The best way to do this is to use full service plumbing. Plumbing professionals know what to do and how to do it so that your fixtures operate correctly and your problems, when they develop, are solved quickly and efficiently.

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