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Considering Getting Solar Power Panels for Your Home? Here Are 6 Tips to Help You Decide

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More and more people are having solar panels installed on their homes. This kind of energy is very good for the environment. Every year it saves at least 75 million gallons of oil and prevents 35 million tons of carbon dioxide. During the first six months of 2015, there were more than 135,000 solar panel installations in the United States. Currently the country is home to 784,000 solar powered residential houses and businesses. There was a new solar project started every two minutes. If you are interested in residential solar energy solutions, here are some thing for you to consider.

  1. How old is your roof? If your roof is really old, you may want to replace it before you have hom

The Ultimate Spring Yard Maintenance Check List

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The equinox is upon us! While it might still be snowing here and there, spring is well on its way. And for those who take pride in their backyards, front lawns, and gardens, you know what that means: it’s time to get out the work gloves and get to work.
Spring yard work can be fun and rewarding, but with so much to do it can get overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve provided a handy dandy spring yard work checklist that will make the toil in the soil as much fun as possible

Primp the Porch
After months of snow, sleet, melt, repeat, your porch might be a little worse for wear. Continue Reading No Comments

3 Ways You Can Get Your Business’s Storefront Into Shape

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Does the appearance of your small business?s building affect consumer perception? Studies would seem to indicate this is true — one study published by Retail Customer Experience found that about 66% of customers have avoided a place of business because of its external appearance. So clearly: it matters. You want more customers to come into your store, and you may already be paying money for SEO, ads, and other forms of marketing. None of it will do any good if people refuse to enter, though! Here?s a few ways you can get your storefront into shape.

Clean it Up

According to the same study, about 52% of consumers would avoid a store if it looked dirty from the outside. This can be attributed to literal grime, or it can refer to more of a general chaos. Think of the difference