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    12 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Heating and Cooling Systems

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    Who says the HVAC industry is boring? Heating and cooling systems are a part of many Americans’ lives all year round, with summer cooling and winter warming and all of the fun areas in between. So next time you’re at a meet-and-greet and you run out of things to say about the weather, bust out some of these fun facts to impress anyone you meet!

    1. The first U.S. President to enjoy an air conditioning unit in the Oval Office was Herbert Hoover. He spent $30,000 on it mere

    7 Benefits of Hiring a Plumber

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    Is a leaky faucet costing you 270 loads of laundry? If you let it keep leaking, it very well might. Maybe you’re a do-it-yourself kind of gal who likes to use her own tools. This is all well and good, but before you decide to tackle a leaky faucet yourself, consider these seven benefits of hiring a plumber:

    1. A professional plumber provides trusted repairs.

      Water leaks in the average home account for over 10,000 gallons of water being wasted every year. That’s the same amount of water used in 270 loads of laundry. By stopping even the easiest to repair leaks, you could save 10% on your water bill. The benefits of hiring a plumber begin with trust – – that is, you can trust the work of a licensed plumber. Even if your husband swears by his handyman skills, unless he’s a plumb

    Easy and Practical Health and Wellness Tips for People That Work at Computer Desks All Day

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    It’s no secret that the landscape of the average American workplace has dramatically changed thanks to the advent and popularity of the internet. Nowadays, more and more are working in an office instead of performing physical labor. In fact, it’s almost difficult to believe that there was once a time when people spent most of their day on their feet performing manual labor that as extremely physically taxing! Although the norm now is to spend most of the day seated at computer desks — whether you work in an office or at home — that doesn’t mean that sitting at workstations is not without any physical, mental, or emotional health risks. In fact, you’d be surprised how damaging a sedentary lifestyle can be.

    With the majority of American workers seated in front of computer desks and other forms of