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Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance Tips

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Wholesale stone supplier in manassas

To get the most out of your outdoor fireplace and grills, it is important to make sure that they are well-maintained. Accidents and fires can occur when parts are defective and simple wear and tear can severely shorten the life of your fireplace and other hardscaping features. While hiring a professional is recommended for certain types of hardscaping and landscaping maintenance, there are a few tasks you can do on your own. Here are a few outdoor fireplace maintenance tips to consider.

Wood-burning Fireplaces

  • Keep foliage in the general vicinity trimmed and cut back. Overgrowth is a fire hazard.
  • Always sweep debris and ashes out of

It’s Time to Stock Up on Firewood

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During cool and colder months, many people enjoy having a fire in their fireplace. Not only is it a source of heat, which can cut down on your utility bill, it is also relaxing to watch.

A 2012 survey showed that fireplaces are one of the top-three amenities desired by home buyers. When house hunting, 46% of prospective buyers stated that they would actually pay more for a house with at least one fireplace.

When new homes are built, more are including wood-burning fireplaces. Approximately 60% of new homes now have fireplaces. In the 1970s, however only 36% of new homes included one. In addition to being located in the living room and den, many homes also have them in the master bedroom.

There a

Benefits of Using an Electric Generator

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Generator installers west grove

Homeowners only realize their air conditioning and heating systems don’t work when they need them the most. Having a heating and cooling system is a great reprieve on a hot, sweltering day and it makes your home comfortable to come home to during the cold, long winter. However, what happens when your electricity runs out and you need power? What do you do for your electronics, appliances, and how do you keep warm or cool?

This is where an electric generators come in. No matter the kind, from commercial generators to residential generators, these little machines come in handy. Investing in generator installation will save the headache come a power outage, and