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    Don’t Ignore Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Systems!

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    Commercial and strata hvac installations

    Your home’s heating and air conditioning aren’t just there for convenience purposes, they are an integral part of household comfort and family safety. During a calm fall afternoon, you might not think too much about how well your air conditioning unit or heating appliance is working, but imagine midnight during an ice storm a few months later? What about a scorching hot night in the middle of summer? That’s when it’s important to have your cooling system and heating system serviced properly.

    HVAC service maintenance is such an important factor of owning a home but far too many people neglect these machines until it’s too late. At the very least, HVAC systems should be professionally inspected twice

    Downsize Your Home in Style with Home Decor Ideas

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    Decorative mirror designs

    You may think it is too expensive to hire an interior designers. But, take into consideration the following statistics:

    A minor kitchen remodel has an average return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%.
    A study in 2013 showed that staged homes were sold in 22 days, compared to the average market time of 125 days for homes that were not staged.
    On average, homeowners spend $5,296 to hire an interior decorator or designer.

    Families who are willing to seek the help of an interior designer should expect to attract buyers quicker and expect a higher return on their investment.

    Here are some misconceptions that home owners have:

    Over half of people think furniture should last 20 years or more.
    The lifespan of a mattress, or how long it maintains some of its original support, is more than 5 to

    Three Common Questions About Trash Removal

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    Trash removal is not one size fits all. Depending on where you are in the country and whether or not you are in a city or rural area, you will find different ways of handling garbage and trash removal.

    What we all know for certain is the fact that trash has to be dealt with. What we also know as a society is that it must be dealt with responsibly so that our planet will be able to go on existing long after we are gone.

    Trash removal and recycling affects every one of us. The average Americans will end up throwing away about 600 times their weight in Continue Reading No Comments