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    Three Things Property Owners Should Know About Elevator Inspection

    Written by Dave on . Posted in Commerical lifts, New york elevator company, Residential elevator repair

    Elevator installation

    You may own a building with several floors. Perhaps your own home or apartment has several floors and an elevator is needed to help someone with mobility issues, in which case, residential lifts have become necessary to install.

    We all love the idea of an elevator. When we’re kids, we love pushing the buttons and traveling up and down several floors without having to do anything but stand there. Sometimes, an elevator can cause those who are claustrophobic to hold on tightly to the railing, but the reality is, elevators perform their tasks perfectly almost all day every day.

    To make sure they are doing just that, elevators need to be inspected on a regular basis. They all need to be tested for proper stopping methods and door operations among other things. Here are three things you sh