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    HVAC Systems and Plumbing Upgrades Can Help Maintain a More Energy Efficient Home

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    Best tankless hot water heater

    Variable speed blowers. Modulating gas valves. Discussions about which kinds of Energy Star furnaces will use what percentages of energy at a time to give a home the most efficient energy use. Complicated conversations about a very necessary component in today’s home.
    If you have recently had to make a decision about keeping a two stage heat furnace or opting for a model without a variable speed blower, you likely understand some of the implications of purchasing a new HVAC system. And whether you are considering a top of the line Energy Star furnace or a less expensive model, you do

    Five Tips to Personalize your Home Design

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    Brass planter

    According to a HomeGoods survey, only one out of five Americans (20%) feel happy with their home decor. Many homeowners do not have the funds to decorate as they wish. Others do not know how to incorporate their personal style into their house design. These tips will help you design a house that you can turn into a home and that truly makes you happy.

    Take your time decorating
    We all have felt that rush to get a room finished. Once we move into a house, we are constantly trying to find the right pieces for each room. We can easily lose sight of the overall design. It is okay to leave some parts of your house bare until you find the perfect decorative items. You might need to get some items, like furniture and appliances, but you can wait for decorative items. Even if it takes yo

    Protecting Your Home From Water Damage Is Important

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    Crawl space dehumidifier

    You have always been grateful that your neighbors were willing to watch over your home when you head to warmer temperatures. The fact that you are gone most of the time between October and April means that your phone is empty half of the year. With neighbors checking on your sump pump and basement every time that they walk through your house, you are able to enjoy your time in your winter home.
    Sump pump installations help home owners across the country make sure that their basements are safe and dry. Standing water can lead to many problems, including mold and mildew. With the use of crawl space waterproofing and the right size of sump pump installation, however, basements in even the lowest sitting parts of the country can stay dry.<