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Perhaps flushing that was not the best decision you’ve made this week

Written by Dave on . Posted in Commercial ac service, Residential heating, Tankless water heater problems

We’ve all been there, those troublesome days when the toilet begins to back up and we have no idea what to do about it. The plunger isn’t working, your five year old is screaming about being late for school, your husband needs to use the bathroom… the house is literal chaos and on top of it the toilet stopped working because of the mound of toilet paper that the toddler decided to try and flush when you had your back turned. This may sound like the morning of your nightmares; unfortunately this hectic morning is one that happens for many individuals when they are walking out of their homes to get on with the rest of their busy days. This is when a toilet repair could be the only hope you have to gain your day back from the chaos. Calling that plumber may just be right around the corner in order to get your day back to where it should be.

Since 2500 B.C. there has been indoor plumbing. This concept is not a new one by any means. However, it doesn’t mean that we have completely learne