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How Old Is the Flooring in Your Current Home or Office?

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When you make the decision to update your home or business space, there are a wide variety of products that are available to you. If you are someone who wants to make environmentally friendly building choices, however, some of your options are limited. Knowing, for instance, that the cost of bamboo flooring comes with the reassurance that there are few products that are as environmentally friendly can make your choice seem easier to determine.
Finding the right kind of flooring product for your home or office is often a combination of low maintenance and sustainability. With the use of locking bamboo floors, however, there are many times when you can select a sustainable product that will be comfortable in a space as well as beautiful.
The Latest Material Often Outperforms Most Traditional Hardwoods in a Number of Settings
The cost of bamboo flooring is sometimes a

The Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

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The floor of any home or building is often taken for granted, but that does not make it any less important, since every building needs a good floor where furniture will sit and where people will walk and stand. And if a floor has serious problems such as dirty or torn carpeting, or scratched wood, people may soon start complaining, and warped wood that has low moisture-resistance can cause some serious property damage and it will be very unsightly to anyone who sees it. Flooring options are wide, but having wooden planks is a common route to take. Hardwood is the traditional route to take for American flooring work, and hardwoods have a long and proud history of American carpentry. But a competitor has arrived in the form of bamboo hardwood, and bamboo strength can often rival that of hardwood species. Bamboo is not the best of moisture-resistance materials, but it can offer a number of advantages over hardwood, and an interested homeowner or public building manager may invest in moist

Seven Ways To Transform Your Bathroom

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Whether they’re replacing outdated appliances or simply livening things up, there’s no doubt that homeowners love to remodel their bathrooms. According to a survey by Houzz, homeowners spend more than $11,000 on average to remodel their master bathrooms.

When broken down further, the numbers tell the tale of what’s being renovated as 90 percent of homeowners are changing the style of their master bathroom during an upgrade and 87 percent of homeowners renovating their bathrooms are updating their shower. Furthermore, more than four out of five homeowners are replacing major bathroom features such as flooring, countertops, sinks and showers.

Whether you’re putting in a new shower, replacing a faulty sink, organizing things using polymer bins, putting up new wallpaper or putting new flooring in a bathroom, there are plenty of DIY tips that come in handy when undertaking bathroom upgrades.

  • Have A Plan: Whether you’re planning on remodeling a bathroom yo