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Your Foundation And You

Written by Dave on . Posted in Foundation failure, Foundation repair expert

All buildings are constructed on top of foundations, from modest suburban homes all the way to shopping malls, and there is more than one way to build a foundation. Some models work best far away from fault lines and may be damaged by earthquakes, so a certified geologist in staff can be consulted to help avoid foundation failure. In other cases, a homeowner may need to call upon a foundation repair company if they are suffering foundation issues, and foundation failure is something to take seriously. Earthquakes, flooding water, or simple old age may contribute to foundation failure, so calling those professionals right away is the best course of action. And when a home is being constructed, the crews may have a few options as to how they construct that foundation. What might the finished project look like?

The Different Foundation Types

Four common models of foundations exist across the United States. One of them