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How To Properly Repair A Chimney

Written by Dave on . Posted in Chimney repair northern virginia, Chimney repair washington dc, Fireplace repair northern va

Chimney repairs may seem quite scarce, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t essential to know how to fix when it’s needed. Although chimneys are very durable, there comes a time where they require chimney service as well. Therefore it’s essential to know how to prevent chimney leaks if damages should arise. The first step is re-securing the chimney’s foundation to avoid any leaks—when you mix the mortar make sure its consistency is strong and firm. When applying the mortar to the crown, from the mortar into the apex with its peak at the middle of the crown, keeping the edges a decent thickness to prevent it from later detaching; let the mortar to cure for a few hours before continuing any further.

a. Restore the brick joints: To restore the mortar joints be sure to prep the allotted area to ensure there’s good mortar adhesion. Chimney repair is quite difficult for a beginner or even experienced DIY-er to make sure the chimney is repaired correctly. While applying the