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How Hot Have the Summer Temperatures Been in Your Area?

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Summer is a time of picnics, days at the lake or the pool, and late evening walks. Many of these plans, of course, are dependent on the temperatures. When the humidity and temps are really high, in fact, there are days when some people do not even want to be at a pool or a lake. It is at these times when it is important to have a working air conditioner. Whether you live in a small space that operates with a mini split AC that allows for the cooling two transfer back and forth between two different spaces or you have a large home that relies on two separate units, it is important to make sure that your air conditioning is frequently serviced and in good repair.
As the city of Anchorage, Alaska deals with temperatures in the 90s for the very first time, there are many of our Northern friends who certainly wish that they had a better air conditioning option. In fact, in many plac

When Was the Last Time That You Made a Change in Your Home’s Decor?

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From basement walls to RVs, there are many places where adhesive shiplap can be used. And whether you are hiring a professional for the interior changes you want made or you are following the directions of television remodeling crews, the process can help you make the most of any space.
For many property owners, in fact, biggest decision that needs to be made is timing. Like any home renovation project, the installation of adhesive shiplap takes some time and it is important to schedule the time you need so you can get the results that you want.
Do You Have Home Remodeling Projects Planned This Summer?
Finding a way to easily and affordably update a space in your home can be a challenge. Some options are too expensive; other options are too complicated. And while every project takes an investment of some money and time, stick on panels are an affordable and convenient option that many people chose.
In fact, the options for a peel and stick wood accent wall are so vari