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Consult With a Residential Fencing Service to Learn More About Your Options

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There are a variety of residential fence styles and materials found throughout the country. While some homeowners may prefer wooden fences, others choose metal or other materials, such as stone or brick. Instead of having a privacy fence surrounding their property, some homeowners may prefer to have a more open option. Specific requirements for residential fencing will vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Property Lines and Residential Fencing Requirements

The property line will determine where a fence is installed. While some jurisdictions mandate that fences should be set two inches from the property line, others require fences to be set four, six, or eight inches away from this point.

Residential Fencing Permits

Permits may not be required for all types of residential fencing. If a fence is less than seven feet high, then a permit may not be required. For residents of Durham, Connecticut, however, fences that are less than six feet high are only permitted

Pest and Rodent Removal Services Can Keep Destructive Animals Out of Your Way

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Different rodents and pests invade human life daily, along with many other destructive animals. So, we often need professional rodent removal when these creatures make their way into our homes or even into our yards. Sometimes the weather or climate draws many rodents into a large area, such as a neighborhood where they could have access to almost every yard and home.

Destructive Animals and The Damage Supplied

Animals like squirrels and other rodents in the attic, basement, or crawl space can provide a decent amount of damage at any time. Even more so, rodents like mice and rats invade your home, while others build their own living space inside your home. Outside as well, there is the entire yard that may fall suscept to the effects of rodents. There is the possibility of holes dug through your yard and eventual damage to the foundation of your home or even your driveway. As underground damage continues there is the potential of tree roots to deteriorate, eventually ca