How Specialty Wood Carving Can Add the Perfect Design to Your Home

Written by Dave on . Posted in Carved wood onlays, What is egg and dart molding, What is rope trim molding

You own a home that you believe could use some life breathed into it, something above the ordinary that can give it that spectacular feel that everybody comments on the moment they come to your home. Perhaps you have thought of everything possible, but did you ever think of wood carving? Perhaps you have seen large corbels on homes before and thought that they would be that extra beautiful touch. No matter what your preference, there are options out there so that you can restore some beauty in your home.

What is a Corbel?

A corbel is a type of architectural piece that you will see on homes or buildings. They can be made of stone, wood, or metal and jut from a wall like a bracket. They are familiary used on large stone structures such as churches and old buildings, but more and more people are seeing them as modern, fancy structures for their homes. They are inviting and beautiful, as well as a timely piece that are classy in nature.

Many companies are now offering large