Taking a Look At The Importance Of The Landscaping Industry In The United States

    Written by Dave on . Posted in Ada certified playground chips, Cedar playground chips installed, Playground mulch

    From the blower truck to mulch home delivery to, finally, mulch installation, professional landscaping services can provide an array of different services and products to the typical home or public space that is looking to be upgraded in some way. And, at least in part due to this, the world of landscaping is one that is very much thriving here in the United States. In fact, about seventy seven billion dollars of annual revenue is generated from the landscaping industry over the course of a single year alone, and with an annual growth rate of three and a half percent, this amount is only expected to climb and climb in the years that are to come.

    And the success of the landscaping industry as a whole has led to a great deal of job creation and job stability throughout it. In fact, there are currently up to one million people who are employed in it, and these employees are spread out