Tile TrendsWhich Way To Go?

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    How to make your old tile look new

    Remodeling is a task that most homeowners will only want to do once. It can be expensive, time consuming, riddled with problematic surprises, and is never finished within the time frame alloted. When planning to remodeling any room in the house, it is best to count on plenty of extra time being needed to complete the job.

    Kitchen and bathroom remodels are the two projects that will typically bring in the most favorable return for a homeowner. They are also probably the projects that take the longest and are susceptible to the most problems. Not only is the electric a major concern, but the plumbing as well, especially if large appliances are going to be moved to different sections of the room. In that case, pipes need to be run or, at the very least, rerouted, which could

    To Tile Or Not To Tile? DIY Projects That You Can Do in a Weekend

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    Bathtub refinishing service atlanta

    Believe it or not, replacing a bathtub is a project that can be accomplished alone or with a small team. Over the years, any bathroom surface is vulnerable to erosion: chemicals, daily use, and simple wear and tear on the surfaces involved make tub refinishing or new tub installation a high-priority goal for many homeowners.
    When the focus is on family health, the bathroom is the first place to look for possible mold or germ collection. Even a great-looking bathtub has cracks, invisible to the naked eye, that can easily become a breeding ground for unsavory guests like bacteria, viruses and germs. The cost of bathtub refinishing can add value to a home and can also be cheaper than replacing a bathtub.