Buying Tips When Looking For a Reciprocating Compressor

Written by Dave on . Posted in Air fittings, Compressed air system for wood working, Compressed air systems for heavy equipment

You need a reciprocating air compressor in a workshop or garage for you to work efficiently. This equipment is costly, and therefore you need to make the right choice. If you buy one that does not suit your business, it will be a huge loss and will not help you in any way. So what should you look out before you pay for the compressor?

The type of reciprocating compressor you need
There are three types of compressed air system design, and they include, single stage, two stages, and twin compressors. The single stage unit compresses the air with a single stroke and goes up to one cubic per minute or 20 CFM with a 125 psi pressure. If you want more than that, go for the two-stage unit. It has two pistons and uses two stages when compressing the air. The big cylinder is for pressure and the small one for high pressure. The air is cooled between the two stages. You choose what to buy depending on the capacity you need.

1. Capacity (CFM) and Pressure