Your Foundation And You

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All buildings are constructed on top of foundations, from modest suburban homes all the way to shopping malls, and there is more than one way to build a foundation. Some models work best far away from fault lines and may be damaged by earthquakes, so a certified geologist in staff can be consulted to help avoid foundation failure. In other cases, a homeowner may need to call upon a foundation repair company if they are suffering foundation issues, and foundation failure is something to take seriously. Earthquakes, flooding water, or simple old age may contribute to foundation failure, so calling those professionals right away is the best course of action. And when a home is being constructed, the crews may have a few options as to how they construct that foundation. What might the finished project look like?

The Different Foundation Types

Four common models of foundations exist across the United States. One of them

Choose The Right Foundation For Typical Weather

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Texas is a very big place, so much so that just in Texas alone 60 different soil types exist within its borders. For those looking to build a foundation, it is imperative your location has had a soil analysis. It may seem strange at first but have you ever tried building on sand? It does not end well. Problematic soil types are a hazard for anyone wishing to set up shop at a location. Once a soil analysis has been done and an adequate soil type has been discovered, continue on with your foundation. Otherwise, foundation failures will result in foundation repairs.

So you have taken care of the soil analysis and now it is on to the foundation itself. While there are many foundations to choose from, we will focus primarily on pier and beam foundations and slab foundations.

What is a slab foundation? First, a hole is dug in the shape of your home’s foundation about a foot deep.

Foundation problems and what you can do to fix them

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Every home needs to be built on a solid foundation to ensure it stays standing for years to come. Foundation failure can lead to thousands of dollars in costly damages so it is always a good idea to know what signs to look for and what can be done. If you have concerns about your foundation it may be a good idea to speak to a professional before anything bad happens. Here are a few signs to look for in case you suspect foundation problems.

If you begin to notice cracks in walls around door frames and windows this may be a warning sign that something is wrong with your foundation. Foundation repair may be within reach if you solve the problem early. If you notice doors harder to close or sticking when opened it could caused from a slipping or sinking foundation. Your house will slowly begin to lean and will require attention before it becomes a more serious problem. If you n