How ICF Can Benefit Your Home

Written by Dave on . Posted in Durisol, Energy efficient, Icf walls

From improved energy efficiency to increased comfort to better protection from disaster to increased quiet, it’s not hard to see why insolated Concrete Form or ICF has been used in global construction for more than 60 years.

From property protection to low cost to durability, ICF construction is a tried-and-true method to construction and can help make your home energy efficient as well.

A typical 2,500 square foot, two-story home can cost more than $150,000, but the long term benefits of building with ICF construction can pay off when you’re looking at the big picture. Whether you’re installing floors, putting up walls or building a decking system, ICF can turn the average home into one that’s properly insulated, safeguarded and strong.

ICF walls act as a heat barrier and allow homes and building to better retain heat. As a result, ICF walls can save home owners 20 to 25% on annual heating and cooling costs accordin