How to Know When it’s Time to Resurface Your Pool

Written by Dave on . Posted in Custom pool designs, Pool resurfacing companies, Pools tampa fl

If your pool is starting to show its age, it is probably time to start looking at resurfacing your pool. Just like your roof or driveway, a pool needs attention after a few years of wear and tear. Signs of stains, increasing rough texture, and leaks are all signs that you need to have your poll resurfaced as soon as possible.

When your pool looks shabby, it can be difficult to find the motivation to jump in, much less do the work to take care of it. It’s typical for a pool’s plaster to start to wear down after 10 years of use and below we’ll describe the first signs of wear and tear and what to do about it as well as how to continue to take care of your pool long after it has been resurfaced.

No matter how strict your pool maintenance schedule is or how great your screen encloser is, over time you’ll begin to see erosion marks on your pool. This naturally happens when water continuously moves against a solid surface over time. You might also see stains that won’t wear off no