The 5 Signs That You May Have A Blocked Or Burst Sewage Line

Written by Dave on . Posted in Sewer gas leaks, Sewer line inspections, Trenchless pipe replacement

Sewer line repairs can get messy quickly if a problem is left untreated for too long. Burst sewer lines can even require digging to fix the issue if it gets to bad. In addition to lawn damage, you can end up with an increase of vermin, bad smells, higher water bills, and disgusting mold growth if the problem is allowed to fester. To help prevent this damage, here are a few telltale signs of blocked or burst sewage lines that you should be aware of!

5 Signs Of Blocked Or Burst Sewage Lines

  • The water level in your toilet may begin to drain over the course of a few hours. If you’ve began to notice lower levels of water in your toilet, it may be time to call a plumber to rule out sewer pipe bursting.
  • You may also begin to notice a build up of white scum around drains in your basement. This is caused by water backing up around the drain and either drying out or slowly draini