Solar Panels for the Home or Office

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Humanity has always needed energy for doing work, and for much of history, this energy came from both human and animal labor in the pre-industrial age. But the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s brought about a spike in production, new technology, and all the energy needed to power it. This often included steam power, when hot, pressurized steam drove turbines that in turn would generate power for machines and vehicles alike. Late in the 1800s, electricity joined steam power and allowed for many more innovations, and the 20th century saw nuclear power emerge as well. Now, in the 21st century, fossil fuel-powered power plants are still in use, burning coal to create steam that rotates turbines. However, these power plants are facing heavy criticism for their constant pollution, and these emissions harm the air and water alike. Newer and clean energy alternatives have been devised, such as solar energy. Solar companies