Buying Tips When Looking For a Reciprocating Compressor

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    You need a reciprocating air compressor in a workshop or garage for you to work efficiently. This equipment is costly, and therefore you need to make the right choice. If you buy one that does not suit your business, it will be a huge loss and will not help you in any way. So what should you look out before you pay for the compressor?

    The type of reciprocating compressor you need
    There are three types of compressed air system design, and they include, single stage, two stages, and twin compressors. The single stage unit compresses the air with a single stroke and goes up to one cubic per minute or 20 CFM with a 125 psi pressure. If you want more than that, go for the two-stage unit. It has two pistons and uses two stages when compressing the air. The big cylinder is for pressure and the small one for high pressure. The air is cooled between the two stages. You choose what to buy depending on the capacity you need.

    1. Capacity (CFM) and Pressure

    Protecting Your Home From The Tragedy Of Hurricane Season

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    If you live anywhere along the eastern coast or down the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean in the United States, you know that hurricanes can be devastating occurrences. Through the years, lives have been lost and homes have been destroyed due to these vicious diseases. If you or your loved ones own a home in the dire areas of hurricane paths, when taking care of your home it is very important be sure you are protecting your home from storm damage. Additions to your home that make certain that your structure will stand sound even after the path of the hurricane can help out immensely. Considering that hurricanes like Irma in 2017 caused nearly $90 billion in damages it is truly important to understand these huge storms. What is a hurricane? And how can you protect your homes from these massive storms?

    What is a hurricane?

    A hurricane is storm with violent winds and harsh rains. These storms are known to be tropical cyclones and can have serious impacts on your homes. These

    4 Popular Custom Pool Design Ideas

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    Throughout the United States, many people are updating their yards. In fact, statistics gathered from a recent Houzz study found that 56% of those surveyed wanted to make their yards more friendly for entertaining. Considering that, it’s impossible to have a pool without choosing the right design. That being said, you’ll find that there several popular types of pools available. With that in mind, here are four popular custom pool design ideas.

    1. Infinity Pools

      Swimming pool builders often create infinity pools for their clients. Infinity pools give the impression that water is infinitely flowing into the surrounding areas of your yard. However, you won’t have to worry about a flooded yard with an infinity pool. This process is created by water that pours down through a hatch, pumping the water back into your pool.
    2. Freeform Pools

      If you’re looking for custom pool designs reflecting more of a natural look, consider free

    Get the Most Out of Your AC

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    “Climate control” is the regulation of temperature inside a building, whether a home or a public building like a skyscraper, and in areas where temperatures vary widely during the day or over the year, heating and cooling is even more essential for a building’s comfort. AC repair and HVAC service can keep an older system in good shape, and once in a while, a building’s owner may choose to overhaul their entire heating and cooling system for something more efficient, and with more options and features.

    Using heating and cooling systems will take a lot of energy, especially if the heating and air conditioning in a given building is decades old. This is often the case; an estimated 20% of the homes that were built in the 1980s have HVAC equipment that is now over 20 years old, and there are hazards to keeping an ageing system like that. By contrast, newer systems area more efficient with their power usage, and high-efficiency models can reduce air conditioning energy use by about 20%