Taking A Closer Look At The Importance Of Electricity – And Why Every Home Should Have A Generator

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    As generator installers know, generators are hugely important in many different ways when it comes to providing security for both homes as well as for various places of business. After all, generator installers will also typically be able to tell you how frequently power goes out throughout the United States – and it might actually be far more frequently than you’ve ever realized.

    The data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs this up, showing that the year of 2014 alone saw as many as one hundred and thirty grid outages in just the first six months, let alone in the entire second half of the year. In addition to this fact, power outages are only on the rise. This statement is backed up by data that shows that we now lose power up to two hundred and eighty five percent more frequently than we did back in the year of 1984, which was the first year during which monitoring blackouts of the United States electric grid first began.

    And as generator installers know,

    Super Screen™ A Leader in Patio Screens

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    The Second Generation of Super Screen™

    The original Super Screen™ was already known for its durability and longevity, but now the company has released its stronger and better little sister. They have worked to improve it in every way from strength to UV protection. Of the many types of screen for porches, this mesh screen takes the lead in a variety of ways.

    Durability That Lasts

    One of the most important parts of a patio screen
    is durability. It won’t do you any good if it tears and lets everything in. With Super Screen™ you don’t have to worry about it becoming hard, brittle, and more susceptible to tears like fiberglass screens. It was put through a seven year weathering test and only lost 1% of tensile strength! That level of strength alone speaks volumes about the product.

    UV Tolerance

    What good is the point of a sun porch if the screen doesn’t hold up to the sun? UV rays can cause f

    Is Bamboo Best For Your New Flooing?

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    If you’re like most long-term homeowners, you’re thinking of making some upgrades to your living space, either with a full-scale remodel or by focusing in key areas such as flooring.Heavy carpeting has given way to hardwood flooring, including bamboo hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring is seen as an eco-friendly alternative to hardwoord flooring. The flooring industry in the U.S. has reported growth of 3.85% in dollars and 3.2% in volume from the previous year.

    What is the advantage of bamboo flooring? Besides being an eco-friendly material, bamboo also offer a clean, contemporary look. Bamboo flooring that is properly finished will clean easily with mild soap and water. Depending on the composition, bamboo flooring is DIY-friendly, provided you use the best bamboo flooring adhesive and t molding to close gaps between floors.

    Is Bamboo Flooring Really Eco-friendly?

    Since bamboo is a fast-growing plant that is readily available, it’s considered a rapidly renewing resource,

    Revamp Your Bathroom at Little Cost

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    Every homeowner has a room that acts as the centerpiece of their house. It may be your entertainment room with gorgeous leather couches and the best flat screen television the market has to offer, or your garage full of huge toolboxes with their contents immaculately organized. Or, if you are a fan of hosting parties, baking up a frenzy in the holidays, or just having a top of the line room to serve as the hub of activity in your house, you may choose to focus your home remodeling efforts on your kitchen or bath.

    Kitchen or bath remodels can be quick, DIY projects that are finished in a Saturday afternoon, or deeply involved commitments that require construction and contractors. No matter how dedicated you are to your kitchen or bath upgrade (or how deep your pockets are), here are three quick kitchen or bath refreshers that have a high aesthetic and functional yield with relatively low efforts and costs.

  • Make a statement with your cabinets. Cabinets ar