Luxury Real Estate to Bring Your American Dream to Life!

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Since the romance of the American frontier led to the cultivation of a spirit of independence and infinite opportunity, upward mobility and homeownership have been fundamental to the “American Dream.” Even though Americans have always had their own visions of what the American Dream means to them, owning a dream home remains the most visible representation of individual accomplishment and the attainment of the American Dream.

Although the 2013 median American household income of $51,017 is not going to allow many Americans to ever afford living in a luxury home, there is still a segment of the American population for whom million dollar homes for sale are essential to their

Don’t Be a Stooge! Fix Plumbing Problems Right Away

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In an early episode of The Three Stooges, Larry, Moe, and Curly run into all sorts of problems when they disguise themselves as plumbers to try to escape the police. While Larry and Moe nearly take the house down while they try to fix a leak in the basement, and Curly finds himself trapped in a maze of pipes in an upstairs bathroom. For some homeowners, especially DIYers, those hilarious shenanigans might be a glimpse of a possible reality when plumbing issues arise. Instead, contacting a plumbing service company might be the best way to make sure that problems are identified and fixed properly and efficiently.

The average cost to repair a plumbing problem in the Un